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Agnomia is about rediscovering the human in technology; about transcending the rote application of process and best-practice; about inspiring the search for the best solutions to the hardest questions faced by technology professionals and their organizations: How to deliver our best results while also being our best selves.

Bill Caputo

How I Can Help

I have over twenty years of experience creating teams, mentoring practioners and writing software to deliver outsized returns for my customers and employers through the relentless pursuit of excellence and an unwavering committment to the idea that truly great results require aligning our innate joy from doing our best with the values & goals of the wider organization.

As a first-wave Extreme Programming practitioner, Agnomia enables me to share my two-decades of real-world, hands-on experience living the values and applying the practices of XP and Agile by:

People-first Delivery Coaching

I work with your teams to identify and leverage the unique factors in your environment needed to address your largest challenges and how to think about process in a way that allows you to continue this process yourself:

  • Improve planning and estimates by identifying how demands and decisions shape your day-to-day delivery challenges and implementing XP & Lean ideas where effective.
  • Look for ways to deliver more value sooner, though shortened delivery cycles and continuouos integration
  • Improve code quality and adaptability through teaching test-driven development and simple design techniques

Automation & Integration Solutions

I help your technology teams to find ways to incorporate institutional knowledge into automated infrastructure that can grow and learn as your people do

In harmony with the original spirit of devops integrating automation and infrastructure tool-use directly into delivery teams, reduces cost, increases productivity and increases agility.

  • Transform your AWS footprint by improving automation, testability and isolation to reduce costs and mitigate risk.
  • Automating acceptance testing captures expectations and frees people to seek novel problems and deeper usability issues. But without an understanding of the long-term risks, can turn into a maintenance nightmare, or be abandoned altogether. Learn values and techniques to make this a valuable investment—or recover the sunk costs of good-intentioned, solutions.
  • Always being deployable, provides a dramatic advantage for teams that can achieve it. However, continuous integration/deployment is way more than writing a few jenkins scripts. Learn to automate deployment organically and with an eye toward transparency and fluidity.

Technical Excellence in Programming

When you need a programmer who leads by example or a leader who's not afraid to get his hands dirty, I find ways to increase profits and improve time to market via uncompromising quality and twenty years of highly-disciplined engineering practices to help you deliver your most important features quickly and reliably.

"Bill is a consummate software professional with wide knowledge ... honed by years of practice. Engaging with him is like engaging with a team of five specialists and a generalist who ties them together."

Michael Feathers
(Director, R7K Research & Conveyance)

"Bill's focus on rapid, iterative development cycles and expertise in building robust, complex software systems put BitBridge Technologies into a position for our spectacular [LXDX] product launch."

Alex Disney
(Head of Blockchain Technology, LXDX)

"I am very interested in having Bill work with our teams to do something amazing together. His focus on people-first, his extensive industry experience and creative problem solving, is just what we need to take our teams to the next level."

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